I create installations of painted cardboard relief and sculptural figures of aggressive children and monsters arranged in mass on the walls and floors in various configurations.   The more recent installations such as “Doomsday Machine II”,   depicts giant monstrous forces overwhelming miniature city sets.   The doomsday machine is seven foot expressionist wall relief sculpture of a monster head with Captain America features constructed from cardboard with   jutting angular shapes and woven strips haphazardly arranged together.   The creature is in part is constructed from   recycled elements from other cardboard installations.    From its open mouth, it spews spiders   hatching   from egg sacks, created with ping pong balls and wooden shish ka-bab skewers for the legs onto a miniature city set with one inch scale cardboard cut out figures in the act of fleeing in terror.
“Doomsday Machine II” references childhood nostalgia such as   marvel comic books and Japanese giant monster movies, as well drawing imagery from the   buildings, stores, delis, elevated highways and schools inspired by the Hunts Point neighborhood in the South Bronx.   This installation, as with all my work, deals with issues of childhood fantasy and real world issues, aggression and anxiety.




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